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++Example Session++

My main aim is to get you feeling happy with your eating, so you don’t have to feel guilty when you eat; but neither do you feel that you are overeating. Finding that happy balance between treats, wholesome meals and not over-eating is within your reach!



Here we chat about what you really want from your relationship with food. We discuss what’s going on for you with your eating up until now and why a change is important to you. Here you’ll get lots of material from myself to read up on and see what’s next. I take lots of notes so that your sessions are tailored for you. Everything is YOUR decision. You decide what you want to work on.



From the first session onwards, I introduce you to The Eat Happy Way™ This is how I define possible areas of work for you. The Pillars are about everything surrounding you right now that can influence your eating and relationship with food. The paths are the way you can move forwards – out of the foggy, heavy feeling of guilty and unsure eating patterns. Understanding yourself and all that impacts you daily, and then moving forwards using the paradigm shifting ideas behind The Eat Happy Way™ leads you into clarity! You’ll feel confident to eat without external rules, you’ll be in the driving seat – choosing what is best for YOU. There’s no better feeling than knowing you can trust yourself to take care of YOU through your eating.



When you work with me I will give you plenty of tools to help you move towards Eating Happy! Diaries, questionnaires, gratitude charts, affirmation pages and lots more. You’ll have access to material that is unavailable on my website, and is only for my Eat Happy Clients! You’ll also receive links to my free e-book, and secret Eat Happy Groups that is exclusive to Eat Happy Coaching Clients!


++How Many Sessions?++

4 to 6 sessions are the ideal number! Each week you will get a topic/plan to work on. To go home and try out some new tools, thoughts, and writing tasks to start getting things moving in a happy direction for you! By the way – things start changing really quickly, but it takes some time to get these to impact you on a deep level. But it DOES happen!


++What is the The Eat Happy Way™++

The FIRST PART consists of FIVE AREAS which define everything that support you everyday in how you eat (for better, or worse!):

  • Your Background
  • Your Habits
  • Your Mindset
  • Your Environment
  • Your Food

I developed these areas when I created my Eat Happy Workshops. As these are the five areas that really influence you – a lot. We look at all of these, and change what we can, understand them and accept them too.

The SECOND PART shows you the routes you will follow forever more on your Eat Happy journey, and they are:

  • Choice
  • Freedom

These are paradigm shifting ideas for people who are master dieters, or heavy ‘should’ users. These two ways show you that you are an adult who can look after yourself. This is where TRUST comes from – and it’s the key to your success! We will only look at these aspects if they are suitable for you and your scenario.

++ PRICES ++

Consultation: £15 for 30 mins

Sessions: £40 for 1 hour

The Eat Happy Package: 4 x 1 hour Sessions for £100


Contact me here to book your first consultation: (Which will be either in person / Phone Call / Skype / E-mail or Carrier Pigeon).


GROUPS – To be announced in 2018